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Ang Probinsyano – Character Suggestion

Hello! I’d like to introduce to you all to a character that I’ve created for “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.” Her name is Maxine Regalado, a 21-year-old extremely accomplished former child prodigy who is currently on her fourth year in law school.

I took inspiration in creating Maxine from former UP child prodigy Mikaela Fudolig, and fictional characters Isaac Gomez from the Jonathan Kellerman novel “Twisted” and Shawn Spencer from the American television series “Psych.”

Info on Mikaela Fudolig:

Info on Isaac Gomez from Twisted:

  • A 22-year-old boy genius highly advanced for his age.
  • Finished all of his sixth-grade books in a span of two months and took it upon himself to speed through seventh-, eighth- and even ninth-grade books.
  • Got in trouble for “unauthorized study and irrational behavior” after he was caught reading a pre-algebra textbook inside a supply room.
  • Was urged to stop being “precocious” and conform to “class standards.”
  • Was transferred to a different school after his old school refused to acknowledge his gift.
  • Graduated with full honors after his high school years were compressed to two.
  • Was accepted at the University of Southern California as a “special circumstances” student.
  • Graduated summa cum laude.
  • Studied at the Keck School of Medicine but requested for a deferral after he felt unhappy with the coursework.
  • Pursued a Ph.D. in epidemiology and biostatistics instead.
  • Fulfilled all course requirements, earned his master’s degree and began work on his doctoral dissertation at age 21.
  • Inadvertently gets embroiled in a mysterious murder case after he discovers an unusual pattern of killings. None of the victims have anything in common except having the same cause of death, and that they were all killed on the same day – June 28.

Info on Shawn Spencer

  • He poses as a “psychic,” working for the Santa Barbara Police Department as a private detective who helps in solving cases using his eidetic memory.
  • He comes from a family of police officers and his mother is a psychologist.

I wanted to make this character because I feel like the show is lacking someone who is a keen observer and one who possesses an incredibly sharp mind. A lot of viewers can’t help but scratch their heads over the fact that the characters remain oblivious to Joaquin’s unusual mannerisms.

Secondly, it is also lacking strong female characters, and I (along with a few others) felt it greatly after Bela Padilla and Maja Salvador left the show.

Lastly, I created Maxine because I want her to serve as an inspiration for gifted people out there – to show them that it can be possible to achieve what she and Mikaela have done. And it would be awesome if Arci Munoz or Yen Santos plays her.

If you would like to get to know more about Maxine, feel free to scroll down and read on. 😊


Maxine Regalado is a 21-year-old fourth-year law school student. She is seen as a “whiz kid” by her family and peers after she showed great academic acceleration at an early age. She is the third eldest of six children, and second eldest of three daughters. Her father is a bank executive and her mother is an entrepreneur.

At the age of seven, Maxine had already finished all her first-grade books in three months, and has taken it upon herself to speed through second-, third-, and even fourth-grade textbooks. Because of this, she was transferred to an experimental program for gifted students and ended up graduating from grade school at age eight.

In addition to having an extreme thirst for learning, Maxine has also been blessed with a gift of eidetic memory, an ability where she can recall images intensely after a few instances of exposure without the use of a mnemonic device.

Maxine’s situation has not hindered her overall social life, as she has also come up with her own ways to enjoy while taking her studies seriously, as well as making herself wary of people who might take advantage of her. She can also be witty and sarcastic, which at times has been met with eye rolls from her friends and family and scorn from her peers.

After graduating from high school at age ten, Maxine decided to take a course in psychology, and she successfully earned her bachelor’s degree at the age of fourteen. She then started on her master’s degree and Ph.D., all of which she achieved in four years.

Maxine then pursued law at age nineteen and, as part of her thesis, chose to take a close look at cold cases in Metro Manila. Thanks to her abundant accomplishments, she was able to gather a handful of connections along the way, including the general of the PNP. She takes advantage of this connection, and the PNP general gives her access to the database of the CIDG, where she meets Cardo and the rest of the group.

Maxine proves to be an asset for Cardo, Billy, Mark and Chikoy, and a source of uneasiness for Joaquin, Dino and Greg. Her presence unsettles Joaquin. Due to her psychology background, she developed an uncanny ability to observe and analyze people’s various actions with acuity, in particular those that often slip from the sights of non-attentive people. She uses this particular ability on the group, but it’s Joaquin who is often on the short end of the stick.

While going through the database of long-term unsolved murders, Maxine also reads a few cases that have been solved, but notices some inconsistencies and discrepancies in them. She brings this up to the rest of the group and asks for someone to help her look into them, but only Joaquin is against it, as the cases that she presented happened to belong to him.

Unfortunately for Joaquin, Maxine might also just be the key to the Tuazon family’s ultimate downfall, as the mere mention of the name of a fallen loved one (Carmen) sets of a chain of events that would unravel the secrets that have been kept from Cardo and his family for years.