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Attention people! Hear me out on my State of the Nation Address (SONA). CHOS!

So basically CocoJams and some solid Maja fans are ranting over the alleged unjust treatment that Dreamscape gave Maja during her time on AP, and that she probably had to pass over numerous other projects due to her commitment to the show. The latter is something I agree with, as Maja’s career DID derail when she took the policewoman role. She was gaining ground na sana after BOL then her concert but AP killed her momentum.

Also, I do agree with some of solid Maja fans’ claims that Maja being a part of CocoJam does nothing good for her career. Because not only does she become the subject of bashing from other fan groups and critics, but she also has to contend with the CocoJam crazies’ RELENTLESS (and sometimes insensitive and inconsiderate) demand for kilig moments. Bale wala na sa kanila na ganyan ang takbo ng karakter ni Maja at ang career nya basta pakiligin lang sila ng CocoJam, masaya na sila.

What I don’t agree with, however, is for some of them to put all the blame on Coco, who can only do so much to please specific fan groups. Firstly, creative consultant lang sya sa show. Not the writer, and not the director. Secondly, he is not obligated to give CocoJams everything they want all the time. Correct me if I’m wrong pero nagkaroon na sila ng maraming mallshows during the promotion period ng AP hindi ba? And just 2 weeks ago nagkaroon pa nga sila ng DALAWANG shows sa Cebu. Di pa ba sapat un sa inyo? Not to mention the fact that almost all the cast members even took to their IG pages to promote her concert last year. Kaya please, tigilan nyo na ang pagsisi kay Coco! Masasayang lang ang energy nyo!

Furthermore, if you so think that playing the blame game will undo the nightmare you have to deal with from here on out then sorry to say this, walang mapatutunguhan yan. As a matter of fact, you will only make things worse not only for yourselves, but for Maja as well. Mawawalan na nga sya ng trabaho, lulubugin nyo pa ng husto. Be the better people in this mess. Don’t be bitter and ungrateful bitches. Represent your idol in a positive manner. Kung alam nyo lang, naapektohan na ng sobra ang imahe ng idolo nyo ng dahil sa kalokohan ninyo.

Based on these events, CocoJams and the immature and selfish Maja fans got the short end of the stick sa AP without a doubt. They killed off Carmen “to give way” and effectively “won.” But you didn’t win now, did you? Carmen’s death and Bela’s departure turned out to be the start of an even bigger hell you were about to go through in the months to come. And it all came down to this.

I wish nothing but the best for Maja, and that I hope she will be able to bounce back from this huge hiccup in her career. To the solid Maja fans, your idol needs you now more than ever. Shower her with a lot of love whenever you can, do not let your hatred towards anybody consume you, support one another, take the high road and move on (pag may time).